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Carrier Class Voice Over IP

SIP Trunking for Call Centres

CallnFax offers a wide selection of landline, mobile, and Toll-Free virtual telephone numbers (DID's), from almost everywhere. We offer great rates and superlative customer service. Whether you need 2 channels, or 1000 channels of simultaneous calls, CallnFax delivers the call.

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Global Termination

CallnFax offers great A-Z Termination rates, designed for business. We do not offer "Grey" routes or substandard routes. Our A-Z Termination service utilizes premium routes, with minimal post-dial delays. We focus on the needs of Enterprise, delivering the highest quality and reliability.

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USA/Canada SMS

International SMS/Text Messaging can be expensive. CallnFax offers a Free Android app, with a local USA or Canadian (your choice) text number. No voice is supported on this app, but you may send and receive all the messages you want. All for one flat rate.

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VoIP Servers

Leverage our great hardware, routes, and networking, by renting a VoIP server from CallnFax. We offer high-availability solutions, with full gigabit networking. You get root access, included daily backups, and that great CallnFax customer service. We can spin-up asterisk©, FreePBX©, and elastix© server's in minutes.

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CallnFax has been in business since 2008. We have built our business through trust and quality, understanding that each must be delivered at all times. We don't sell product, we sell a service. That service comes with our commitment to deliver excellence, at all times.

We continuously invest in our infrastructure, so our customers enjoy crystal-clear calls, minimal latency, and the widest selection of locations. Our customer service connects you with real technicians and representatives, to ensure your business runs smoothly.

CallnFax is capable of delivering custom requirements, and we are happy to discuss your calling needs at any time.


  • Massive Capacity

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  • Redundant Redundancy

    Delivering a constant stream of data from thousands of calls daily, requires reliable networking and hardware. CallnFax and its customers benefit from today's high-availability hardware and networking solutions. This coupled with our intelligent DNS, means your calls complete with the absolute highest level of reliability. Our carrier neutral data centres mean that your traffic always follows the fastest route. CallnFax deliver VoIP at the Speed of Business!

  • Widest Selection of Virtual Numbers

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  • Powerful Dashboard Features

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  • Secure Finances

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